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Home Learning Project


The children recently enjoyed completing their Autumn Term project on Celebrations and sharing them in groups at school. Parents and carers were then invited in to look at all of the projects at an exhibition in the hall.

The children learnt lots of new information about different celebrations, such as Chinese New Year and Diwali.





We enjoyed watching the Briars Cabin Pre-School Nativity!


The whole school had great fun on a Winter Walk around Lightwater Country Park.



We found a Christmas tree and had a lovely sing song around it. The children especially loved singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!


We had a yummy Christmas lunch and met Father Christmas!



Children in Need


On Friday 18th November we brought in our teddies and a donation towards Children in Need. Our teddy bears enjoyed being at school and joining us in our learning.

They especially liked us reading books to them in the library.






We really enjoy having PE lessons at school. This term our PE topic is 'gymnastics.'

We have been learning to hold our bodies in different positions and then put them together to make a sequence.


We have learnt how to jump safely off the PE equipment.





We had a visit from Birdworld. Rosie brought in lots of different animals for us to look at.

Birdworld 6

Birdworld 5

We learnt about nocturnal animals - as our topic is 'Light and Dark'.

Birdworld 4

Birdworld 3

We enjoyed finding out facts about the different animals and getting to stroke some of them.

Birdworld 2

Birdworld 1

For more information about Bird World, please click on the link below:



Mud Kitchen!


We had great fun in the Forest Area today. We made trails using the stepping stones - our teamwork was fantastic!

Mud Kitchen 1

We enjoyed using our imagination to act out stories in the tents.

Mud Kitchen 2

We enjoyed getting messy in the mud kitchen!

Mud Kitchen 4

Mud Kitchen 5

We found some ladybirds - they tickled our hands!

Mud Kitchen 3


Our new flower bed has arrived!


Here is our new flower bed in the Early Years Outdoor Area. We had fun digging holes and planting bulbs and flowers.

Flowerbed 1

Flowerbed 3

We are really looking forward to watching the plants grow and change over time.





On our visit to the school Nature Area we found some apples.


We picked some ripe apples off the tree and enjoyed eating them at snack time. They were yummy!




Autumn is here!


We have been learning about the world around us and the different seasons we have. We enjoyed going on an walk around school to find signs of Autumn.


We carried our Autumn items back to the classroom and enjoyed investigating them with magnifying glasses. We found lots of leaves, twigs, conkers and pinecones.


We also had fun doing leaf rubbings with wax crayons.



2015 - 2016


The Queen's Birthday


We celebrated the Queen's 90th Birthday at school. We had fun using paper plates to make our own crowns. We enjoyed being Kings and Queens for the day!




We had a lovely tea party out on the school field. It was a beautiful, sunny day!



We made Union Jack bunting to decorate the classroom. We coloured them in, painted them and used collage materials. Our classrooms were then nicely decorated with the bunting, ready for party games in the afternoon. We really enjoyed playing musical statues!



Bocketts Farm


We have just been on a fantastic trip to Bocketts Farm. The weather was glorious and we learnt a lot of information about the farm animals. We even got to enjoy a tractor ride around the farm - the views were beautiful!




This school trip linked in really well with our Summer Term topics - 'Transport' and 'Changes'. We learnt about transport used around the farm and how animals change over time. We saw a gorgeous lamb that was only 1 day old! We also spent time in Mr McGregors Garden learning about how to grow vegetables and herbs.


Find out more about Bocketts Farm by clicking on this link.




We are taking part in a whole school gardening project. Each year group has a flower bed in the Nature Area and we are taking part in a potato growing competition.

Gardening 1

We have been weeding our Reception flower bed and making sure to water the potato plants. They are growing really nicely! If we grow the heaviest potatoes we get a special prize, so fingers crossed!

Gardening 2




Mr and Mrs Woolley (parents of a child in Sycamore) came in to Reception to talk about their jobs as pilots.This linked in really well with our current topic - 'Transport'.



The children learnt lots of great facts and had the opportunity to ask questions. We had a variety of interesting questions, such as "How many passengers can fit on an aeroplane?" and "How does an aeroplane go up and down?"

This session really inspired the children. They have been busy making aeroplane models and measuring how far their paper aeroplanes can go on the playground using a trundle wheel.


We're Going on a Bear Hunt


Our Class Bear went to Lightwater Country Park but got lost!


We followed the clues to find him, using adjectives to describe the different locations. Eventually we found him by the gate but he was safe and sound!


Then we explored our surroundings and collected natural materials that matched a woodland colour palette. We used these materials to make shelters for our bears.




Bears in the Wild!


A parent kindly came in to talk to us about bears that she had seen in Alaska. We all learnt lots of interesting facts, including the teachers! We especially enjoyed watching the video of the big brown bear.



Goldilocks Matrix Theatre Workshop


We took part in a Goldilocks Workshop. We had fun using our imagination to act out the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We also learnt about ordering different sized objects.




Gingerbread Men


We baked our own Gingerbread Men and decorated them with icing. They tasted yummy!




Please click on the link below to get the recipe:

Gingerbread Man Recipe


Maths Project Exhibition


We have recently completed Home Learning Projects with a Maths theme. The children enjoyed learning about numbers and shapes in a variety of ways, such as going on a shape hunt or using photographs of numbers to make their own number line.

Parents and carers then joined us for an exhibition to look at all of the projects.



Christmas arrives in Early Years!


On Wednesday 2nd December we really enjoyed watching the Briars Cabin Pre-School's Dress Rehearsal. We loved seeing the little children in their costumes and they sang the songs really well! We are now looking forward to the pre-school children watching our Dress Rehearsal on Monday 7th December.

We have enjoyed decorating the Christmas Tree in the Main Entrance.

Christmas Tree


Bird World came to visit us on Monday 30th November!


Birdworld 2

We really enjoyed seeing lots of different birds and mammals that link in with our 'Light and Dark' topic. Have a look at our photos in the Gallery!

We are now going to use all of the facts we have learnt to make our own class books about Owls.

For more information about Bird World, please click on the link below:



Gretel the Guide Dog visits Reception!


Gretel the Guide Dog came in to visit us on Thursday 22nd October. We found out all about how guide dogs can help people.